Dirty Laundry

She followed Mommy into the yard. Lisa had her bucket and shovel. Mommy needed help, and she was ready.

“Pull these. You see how the leaves look?” Mommy said.

“Mm hm,” Lisa said.

She pulled and the leaves snapped off neatly. “I got it!”

“Get the roots like this,” and Mommy showed her what to do.

She scrunched up her face and dug her shovel into the dirt and leaned on it. The weed popped out of the dirt and flew into her forehead! She was able to close her eyes fast, so no dirt went into them. She hadn’t closed her mouth, and now there was gritty dirt in there.

“Yuck!” she said and spat out the dirt.

Mommy had the back of her hand pressed against her mouth. Her eyes were laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Lisa said with a pout.

“It is a little,” Mommy said with a smile.

Lisa folded her arms across her chest and kept pouting. She notice that the soil had stained her favorite shirt and stuck her lower lip out more.

Mommy dug around a big weed and grabbed it and pulled. It didn’t want to come out, so she stood and grabbed it and put her body into pulling. There was a pop and the weed came out and flew over Mommy’s head. Mommy fell backwards onto the grass.

Lisa laughed loud and long.

Mommy laughed.

“Now we both have dirty clothes!” Lisa said between laughs.

“More dirty laundry,” Mommy said, laughing more. They laughed hard together until their eyes watered. They went back to weeding, smiles on their faces.

The element all children should be familiar with.

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